Set-up Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Strategy From Scratch To Scale

2018 - Now

Driving Sendcloud's Growth Through Strategic Talent Acquisition

At Sendcloud, I was instrumental in establishing and leading the Talent Acquisition division from the ground up. I built and directed the team responsible for hiring several influential leaders and executives, crucial in propelling Sendcloud's evolution into one of Europe's fastest-growing tech companies.

My primary focus was on executive recruitment, identifying, attracting, and hiring top-tier leaders aligned with Sendcloud's vision and values. This involved candidate sourcing, relationship-building, and streamlining the recruitment process for a seamless fit between talent and company objectives.

These strategic hires played a major role in Sendcloud's trajectory, fueling its transformation and remarkable growth within the European tech sector.

My dedication extended beyond senior roles; I actively nurtured emerging talent, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture synonymous with Sendcloud's commitment to innovation and success.

Continuing as Head of Talent Acquisition, my passion for connecting exceptional individuals with Sendcloud's opportunities remains unwavering. I'm excited to contribute further to Sendcloud's ongoing success and collaborative growth with our exceptional team.

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